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Featured Instruments

From Then ‘til Now: Guitar Graham Walker, Steel Gerry Hogan, Bob Dixon, Derek Thurlby Dave Hayward. Hawaiian Guitar Slim Pickins. Fiddle Drew Taylor. Harmonica Dave Sheriff.

Don’t Come Running Back To Me: Guitar Graham Walker. Steel Gerry Hogan

Forget Those Angry Words: Fiddle Drew Taylor. Guitar Graham Walker. Steel Barry Smith. Harmonica Dave Sheriff

Supersonic Dancer: Guitar Graham Walker, John Dunsterville. Steel Gerry Hogan, Derek Thurlby, Dave Hayward. Harmonica Dave Sheriff. Fiddle Drew Taylor. Piano Jon J Paul

Turn Back Time: Button Accordion Pete Brazil. Piano Jon J Paul

Damned If I Do: Guitar Graham Walker. Baritone & Tenor Saxophone Carolyn Lawford

Hey God: Harmonica Dave Sheriff. Guitar Graham Walker. Dobro Slim Pickins. Steel Derek Thurlby.

Percussion Bob Pearce and Dave Sheriff

Beer Belly Blues: Harmonica Dave Sheriff. Dobro Bob Dixon. Guitar John Dunsterville. Baritone Guitar Graham Walker.

Hawaiian Guitar Derek Thurlby

We’ve Got Memories: Flute Carolyn Lawford. Piano Jon J Paul. Steel Derek Thurlby. Alto Saxophone Carolyn Lawford

Hey Ho Away We Go: Harmonica Dave Sheriff. Piano Accordion Jon J Paul. Guitar Derek Thurlby. Fiddle Slim Pickins.

Banjo Graham Walker. Mandolin Jan Mellon

Queen O The Waltz: Button Accordion Pete Brazil. Guitar Derek Thurlby. Steel Derek Thurlby

Best Of Friends: Button Accordion Pete Brazil. Gut String Guitar Graham Walker. Steel Derek Thurlby. Vibes Dave Sheriff.

Percussion Bob Pearce and Dave Sheriff

Rhythm Section

Drums and percussion Bob Pearce. Bass Tony Kaempf and Dave Sheriff. Keyboard Jon J Paul and Dave Sheriff.

Electric Rhythm Guitar Derek Thurlby. Acoustic Guitars Nicky James and Graham Walker

Backing Vocals Carole Gordon, Jan Mellon and Dave Sheriff

Guest Vocalist on bonus track Beer Belly Blues Dane Stevens